New direction in narrative


How time flies, I still remember everything at the beginning of this course, but it almost finish. I have learned much things from the course “New Directions in Narrative”. I did not know any information about interactive video before this course, and I found that this course is useful for me. Those posts recorded what I have learned during this course, and I choose some important posts.

1.  Reflection of my course 

I choose this post, because it gives me information about my course. It makes my understand what course is about. Also, I understand what digital narrative it is.

2. Analyze Linear and Nonlinear

This post introduces the linear and nonlinear structure, and it make sure that I want to make a story with different ending, and I decided to choose interactive video for my project.

3.  Reflection of interactive video

For this post I choose, because it tells me what is interactive video, and makes me more interested in interactive video.

4. Analyze tools

I choose this one, because must to think about what tools would suitable for my project. Interactive video is different from traditional video, which require a clear branch and audience can watch different ending through choice.

5. Analyze project

This post helped me to reorganize my story based on peer feedback, and make sure how many clips I need. When audience make choice, each clip will go to the clip I decided.

6. Audience 

This post enables me to identify why I want to create this project, who is my target audience and why they could be interested in my project.


I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.




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