New direction in narrative

#6. Analyze Audience

I create this story because I really interested in science movie. My story in an interactive video, I want to make this narrative unique through provides some different view. As there are lots of science story sighting events even movies talk about someone who find some secret things, and during the time they must solve the difficult that they meet. However, most of the movies try to tell a story for audience by one view which is linear. No matter in science movie they show the movie that it is real and they want to show the audience all the “monster” is coincidence. But in my narrative, there are some different ending by audience choice.

There is some reason to show why I want to create this kind of story.

Firstly, when science fiction movie published on video platform, and there is many follower and viewer under science fiction movie, so that the audience is really interested in this kind of movie. Secondly, I always talking about movies with my friends and peers, and most of them are interested in science fiction movie, and I interested it as well.

In addition, there is a really successful movie to prove why I choose use interactive movie form to show my story. Late Shift is a crime thriller. It happened in London, a math student who was forced into a lucrative action robbery, after that turned out to be innocent. This is an interactive game, the audience needs to make choices from the beginning to the end, and each of choice could change the outcome. Searching for this documentary on YouTube today, which still attract about 409,974 audience to watch, and about 4,169 audience is like it within four months. Also, this documentary allows viewers to participate, which is different with traditional documentary storytelling. When viewer watch this documentary, they will look forward to the story, because they want to make sure every choice, and each of choice will make a different outcome. It like they are the main character in the documentary. I want to the audience can interactive with my video. I guess that audience like this kind of movies, because they want to feel differently in the movies compare with real world. Also, in this kind of movies, the audience want to play the role in the movie to experience and finding the secret.

I might publish this story on YouTube, because there are lots of successful interactive video on this platform. Also, this platform provides the annotation to let the audience to choose and watch, and it is the most popular video platform.

As I mentioned that this is interactive video, so the audience can obviously participate the video when they watch the clips and make choice. Also, I want to encourage the audience to share their opinion about dragon, and leave their comments at the end of video.


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