New direction in narrative

#5. Interactive video outline of “Dragon” and peer feedback

After presentation, I reflect and receive on the feedback from my group members. They do not really understand my story, because I did not express enough during three minutes. Also, filming and editing need time, who would like to help me to complete this project. What is the scene of every branch? I did not mention it,and for each clip will affect the developing of story? So I decided to reorganize my story again.

This story could be interactive video. It happens in last decade. It includes seven main characters with one protagonist. The protagonist will lead his team to find the dragon. I would like to divide my video into several clips. In each clip, the audience can watch different story.

First Clip:

They stand in front of cave, this look like the way lead to the Mountain, which is narrow and dark. Grace gives everyone a flashlight. Grace goes before the line. When they go out the tunnel, which is a huge open space, people cannot see anything. Grace light everywhere use her flashlight, she sees the sentences “Three Kingdoms, a boy become the emperor for three days, virus lead to people to die during the three days. People think that the emperor is not auspicious, and he was disgusted by the people of the country. Several ministers to rule the country, which decided to hide the emperor in the mountain.” Grace go close to see the wall, she touches the wall, suddenly, everyone drops in a space. There are two doors [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to a)(the right one goes to b)

Second clips:

a. The left one, it is dark, the candle light, the road is water. In the end of tunnel is like store, there are three huge boxes (golds and jewelry) on the ground. One of them open the box, they want to bring those go back, but several huge spiders come, which eat people and run fast. It eats two people of them. Back of them is two doors [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to c)(the right one goes to d)

Third clips:

b. The right one, it is dark, the road is sand, no light. In the end of tunnel, there are a lot of fighting armor. Someone take photo of them, then too many moth flies from people’s head. Then a huge moth come, and the wings like knife, it cut people who stand. Two people die. They find two doors [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to d)(the right one goes to c)

Fourth clips:

c. The left one, it is room, the candle light suddenly. There are a lot of Chinese ceramics dolls, which looks like traditional court, everyone goes close to see the dolls. One people go to king’s chair, everyone turn their head and eyes. Then everyone scared, they start to play music, each of them has a different role. During the time, people feel relax. People enjoy the music, they feel like real, too many girl settings beside them. Suddenly, they kill others, except Grace, she knows that the song can numb people’s series and drive people kill others. She uses close put in ear to two. Because one is die. They must go, and two doors in front of them [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to f)(the right one goes to e)

Fifth clips:

d. There is nothing [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to c)(the right one goes to f)

Sixth clips:

e. There are two doors, the left one is old door. Opposite, the right door is a beautiful door, with decoration and intrigue [need to choose one]. (the left one goes to f)(the right on goes to g)

Seventh clips:

f. Everyone be eaten by monster. (everyone died)

g. Eighth clips:

Dragon. (ending)



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