New direction in narrative

#2. Interactive Video

Through the last week study of digital narrative and the showing of video in the classroom, and I am sure that I want to study the specific area of digital narrative, which is an interactive documentary.

I-Docs provides a place where people can interact with the video.

This is an interactive video “Horror Interactive Video”, it shows the outcome by you choose. When you watch the video, and click the annotations on the screen to go to another video, which shows following the video after your choice. In every video clip, the audience needs to make a choice to continue different story and consequence, and audience need to make choice to help the character escape. When I want to make a choice that the protagonist is myself, and from my point of view. I feel very exciting and nervous, because I want to escape and afraid I made a wrong choice. It likes a personal adventure.

This video might be Focalization. The story follows the audience’s choice, this interactive video aimed to let audience interaction, so the pace of storytelling is the real-time. The narrator is outside the narrative, every consequence choice by the audience, so the narrator is reliable. Text of the video use image and annotations to narrative.

This interactive video uses the YouTube platform to connect every clip that you make a choice, and every different choice takes the audience to a different clip.

I think that this is a very typical interactive video, which make the audience participate. It includes the programmed element, audience clicks the choice to go to another clip. Furthermore, it is more interesting than traditional video, which audience only can watch the output. This video inspired my interest, and I think that I would continue to focus on and enrich my knowledge on interactive video.

Reference list:

Niku, H. (2014). Horror interactive video. [Online Video]. Available at: [Accessed 30 July 2017].

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