In the last semester, our group project is about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is kind of social issue, and it becoming a global issue as well. It causes some the mental health of young people. During our research and studies, I have extended knowledge of cyberbullying, and I realized how cyberbullying serious our social justice problem actually is. We use the video to show cyberbullying and put some rules in this video, Because we do not want to just introduce cyberbullying, also we want to give some suggestions about stopping cyberbullying. In post-production part, I and my partner discuss about add some animation to make our video, which looks more attractive and interesting.

I was responsible for shooting video, when I started to shot video, During the time, I done the lots of of research to find how old people are suffering the Internet violent and who need help.  I got a problem how old people are our audience and how old people we want to show it? It is really hard to take a good video, because I need to make sure that this video show someone post online and what is happened. I think I did really well, because the video work well and looks natural. It clearly shows that a girl post some image, and then people who see the image give bad comment under her post.

We got individually work and everyone did really well in our group, because we already got less comment in our video in Youtube. During one minute video, which looks interesting, and we introduce cyberbullying and give the suggestion, but it not many people look at.

After watch Patrick lecture video, I got lots of new ideas about doing my next project. I will try to read more research before doing my project, because it is really helpful for me to understand the project and gain some new knowledge. Also, I will think about how can I attract people to read or watch my project, and post our project in different platform. It is significant to get audience and comment, because it means that they are interesting and thinking about my project.  Also I will use my mobile to discuss with my group member if we can not meet, and to record everything what we want, because it is really convenient and record on time.


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