#5 Color Grade

Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on October 25, 2016


I use Adobe Premiere Pro for color grade such as Three-Way Color Corrector, Brightness and Contrast and RGB Curve.

Clip 1:

I chose the footage, which was two girls studying and chatting. It shown about “friend”, so I decided to show the feeling, which was warm. The original footage of two girls studying looks natural and a bit dark, I think that I need to add some effects to make it better.


Firstly,  the color of the image was quite orange from the library lighting, so I changed a bit blue curve of RGB to make atmosphere “cold”.


Secondly, the two girl’s skin tone was similar with wall, which reflected from lighting, so I adjusted midtones a bit to blue that to make their skin tone look “cold” and different with background. While, I found that the image color still was much similar with background. I did feel that there needed to increase contrast a bit.


Thirdly,  After increasing contrast, I adjusted brightness to make sure that the image was bright enough.


Clip 2:

I chose footage from my practice. It shown a boy talking about food, I decided to use warmer tone to audience. The initial video of the boy was well focus and exposure.


Here I adjusted a bit red curve of RGB, which can create warm atmosphere, and made “warm” to the boy’s skin tone.


I found that the image was quite warm, so I increased a bit contrast to make the boy stand out from the background. After that, I felt that the image look dark, so I increased brightness almost half.


The result look was not good, because the boy’d face still was dark, there needed orange color to the boy’s skin tone, so I turn to highlight wheel to a bit orange color to make his complexion to be warm.


Clip 3:

I chose this image from practice, a boy talked about food. In this image, the color was good, which made editing flexible and easy.


Here I changed midtones a bit to red. It gave a feeling, which was “warm”.


I felt that I actually gave feeling tired, and not warm. So I decided to increase contrast a bit to give the image more clear.


After that, I adjusted brightness a bit to make image bright, and look real-life color.


After this practice, I learned that three-way color corrector and RGB curve are very important tool to control atmosphere of image. Also brightness and contrast are really useful. For example, contrast can make layering in image, and change brightness can make bright in image. I think that I need to do more practice about three-way color correction, because I just did “warm” style, and it includes lots of style that I need to find.


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