#2 No Direction Home

Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on October 25, 2016

The first part is the rock show with CU to MS. I can see Bob Dylan singing with guitar and harmonica, and the sound use source music of rock show, I can feel that there is a lively rock show. It is easy to recognize that this film will relate to music documentary.

The second part move to winter sight in Bob Dalyn’s hometown, where is a small and isolated town. Through music and picture, I can feel cold and silent. Also, when I watch about Bob Dalan’s photos in his childhood and his interview, I can realize that Bob like music when he was young, and what is his feeling about music .

The third part, the sound use narration to describe his early life, and provides some scenes to match with narration, including banner “ Iron mines 1 miles north”, high angle of the land and working in the mine. I can guess that in this part that he talks about his hometown and his growing experience.

The fourth part, through Bob’s narrations continues with photos, I find that Bob’s parents working in electronic store in the town. Also I get his first working experience.

From this video, I think that is a music documentary. Scorsese and Schoonmaker worked together and uses music image, narration and interview to illustrate why Bob Dalyn is attracted by music.


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