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Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on October 16, 2016

When I do our project, I got a problem which is how to stop cyber-bullying for children.

In the article, there are providing lots of way to stop cyber-bullying.

1. Don’t M are Your Kids Afraid of the Internet, because it may lead to children autistic and reject share information with others.

2. Know When to Say When. It means that the parents need to encourage child to tell to them or school counselor when they get cyber-bullied.

3. Be Careful. When child first begin to use the Internet, the parents need to guide their children action to avoid hurt to others.

4. Don’t Retaliate. The parents need to teach their kids, when they are bullied, and do not retaliate, because it will keep bully continue and hurt others.

5. Keep an Eye on Those at Risk. Parents should keep eye on psychosocial problems of kids and more communication with their kids.

6. Save a Copy. If kids are bullied online, they will delete the message as soon as possible. But it is not good way which escape the problem. Expert suggests that kids should print the message, and give it to their parents, counselor, end site administrator or even police.

7. Be a Friend. If someone is bullied, do not exclude them, and people should help them to solve the problem.

8. Get Your School Involved. School should develop their policy to deal with the problem.

I agree with him, because parents are first teacher for children and school is a place where children spend half of a day to stay there. Parents should guide their kids to use the Internet, and teach them what action is good on the Internet and avoid hurt people online, such as do not laugh at and speak bad words to others online. Also parents should speak more time to talk with their kids and help them to solve problem such as with their friends or school problem.

I learned that parents and school are best teacher for children to avoid cyber-bullying and solve the problem when they get cyberbullied. Also school can develop a police to stop cyberbullying, for example, establish reporting system that school staff report every single student in class frequently, and if they find that someone is bullied, they need to teach them to stop bully.

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Allison, V, D 2008, “In Depth: How To Stop Cyber-Bullying”, Forbes, viewed 04 October, 2016,



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