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Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on October 16, 2016

In the last tutorial, every group show their project to us, which include video, image and text.  When I watch these projects, I am interesting two project, the first is coffee-ism, which use image to show coffee in Melbourne. I am attracted by the picture, because every picture of coffee is amazing and attractive. when I see those coffee, I want to ask what coffee it is and where can can drink those. Also, this is good way to post it on instagram and weibo,because it consider about different countries where use different social media. Instagram focus on foreign countries, and Chinese just use Weibo.  However, Instagram and Weibo are too narrow. It means that if someone does not use Instagram, they will not see those picture and they will do not about this project.  I suggest that this project can be posted on more social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The other is a video “The One”. This video talk about a girl has scar on her face, and everyone discriminate and laugh at her. In the end, she find person who does not judge her and love her. I really like this video, because it encourage people do not loss confidence, you will find someone who like you.  It is good things that no more words in this video,  because people can focus on this video rather than read words in the video. Also, this video has two types for different countries, one for foreign countries and other for China. The problem of this video is the scar which appear too late. It means that the scar appear on the screen until end of video., before the scar appear, I think that it is normal girl’s love story. I suggest that the scar need to show at the begin of video, which can remind audience that it is a story about girl with scar face.


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