Sound and Image

#6 Taxi Driver

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

This is my second time to watch Taxi driver. When I watched taxi driver in first time, I just found the camera movement and noticed the relationship between the two male who was more intimately with Betsy. When I watched taxi driver again, I got some new information, which I did not notice before. Firstly, there are two bright colors in the first scene, which attract audience’s sight. One is taxi that is yellow color, and another one is protagonist who wears red cloth.


Secondly, when Travis enters the office, the director chooses changing each position of camera in second scene, everyone is working with a mid-shot in this office. Also, I felt busy in this place through the real sound such as talking, the sound of paper and ringing tone, but Betsy is chatting with her colleagues. Also, the director uses a high angle to shot Betsy’s working desk where we can see many file, I felt that Betsy is not care about her work. It obviously shows that Betsy is different people.

imae3 imge2

 When Travis start talking to Betsy, the background become less visible and less important to audience. Travis always look around, I can achieved that he feel not comfortable in this place. I really like Scorcese using zoom to focus on people’s facial expression, which can show personality and emotional. When I watched Travis talking with Betsy by close-up zoom, I can felt that he feel very nervous in the place and he wants to get off this office soon.

In the end of this scene, the director chooses a very soft sound mix with source audio. It means that after the conversation, everyone is peaceful and relaxes. Travis achieves his goal and he can leave this place soon. Also, Betsy satisfied the conversation with Travis, she looks forward to the meeting at night.


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