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#5 The Lenny edit

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

This is my first experience to participate in whole process of producing, I feel exciting. When I received the script of Lenny, I had a problem, how can use this script to edit to a production, so I have to search some information to help me. I read the article, there are main three stages to make a movie, and we must follow the stages step-by-step.

 The first step is Pre-Production, which is basic part of a movie and very useful for after working. It includes storyboard (drawing the change of camera movements and happening of scene in the paper to develop of the storyline) and scripting. Our group has five person, we read the whole script carefully, and we discussed how many shot we need and what shot type we need, and draw a list of every shot on the storyboard. It took our almost two hours, because we did not want to miss any information from script. We decided that Lenny is a boy and Van is a girl, and set location between building 13 and building 9 where has a bench, floor and window. In addition, we had our work individually.


The second step is Production, which is beginning to shoot. It includes capture all the scenes and information. During the time, thinking about the lighting requirements, composition and framing, and it allows that one shot took many times in one scene. Storyboard gave us a lot of fun and easier, because we already draw on the paper, so we just need to follow the step of storyboard. When we started to shot, I got a problem. I am camera assistant, so what can I do. During the time, I read the “calling the shots” paper from teacher. It introduce that “the camera assistant put the slate in to frame. The camera operator will direct them till all of the slate is legible in the frame.” It means that after camera said “make it”, I need to stand in front of camera, put the slate in to frame and speak number from board, such as 7-1-1 (scene 7, shot1 and take1). I need to remember the number of shooting and scene, and change the number before shooting. I learned when we change the place to shoot, I need to change the number of scene, and we shoot different shot in same scene, then I need to change the number of shot.


The last step is post-production, which is capture scene and edit of all the footage. It contains audio mix, color correction and special effects. We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. Firstly, before we edit, we need to import all movie of Lenny in footage to watch. I create a main bin, which is our project, then I create three bins and named with the scene number. Secondly, after reviewing all footage, I choose best one of each shot and put in sequence and label list to edit. Thirdly, I added some special effect for some sequence. Then we choose the audio from Internet, then mix in the movie, we reduced the sound when Lenny talking with Van, which avoid that their conversation are not clearly.

Shooting Lenny was an interesting experience, and I like work with my group, because they can gave me more information about shooting, also, I can use some skills, which learned from class such as setting camera, changing zoom of camera, focus and video clips. Also, I think that these skills are very useful for me to do projects in the future.

This is the Lenny film.


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