Sound and Image

#4 Prompt Reading

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

In the article “The Director and the Actor”, discuss the working of director and actor. The first point attracts me, which is talking about a good actor. A good actor who need to know about “the rule” when they in front of camera, they have to inbuilt self-conscious. Some good actor knows how to work with camera, which is not meaning for how to use it. It means that they can capture shot well, for example, when camera shot an actor, they can use their facial express or body language to show the personality or thinking of the role. I agree with this point. I watched two films, one film from famous actor and other film from new actor. It is interested, the film from famous actor, which achieves high views and good reaction. In contrast, the other got low views and bad comment. When I watched famous one, I can understand the role and following their behavior, but the other one, I cannot understand whole film, and feel bored. A good actor who should have rich emotion, they can understand the role that they will play. Also, a good actor can save more money for director, because they can achieve the requirement of director quickly, they do not need to shot one scene more time.

The second point making me feel interested, this is talking about director. The author suggests director, which does not do three “never” for the actors. The first one ‘never ignore the actors’. One of director exercises is to develop ability to become infatuated with an actor. The second one ‘never appear to be overly distant from the actors’. The director to provide some kind of support and stimulus the stage actor gets during a live performance. The last one “never be afraid to do anything it takes to protect the actor”. The director have to deal with actors well, because actors are very important collaborator for the director. I agree with this point, because the director is not only caring about film, but also they need to respect actors. Actors have very important relationship with the film and the director. For example, if the director blame with actors, actors will hate the director and does not perform well, they take lots of time in one shot and they do not achieve requirement from the director. It also lead to the film cannot show on time. So the director need to respect and care about actors.

I read about “sound design”, and there are two things intrigued me in this article. Firstly, sound designer is essential part of film, and they can help director to convey information. For example, the director wants to show a sense of the relationship’s breakup and without visually showing. The sound designer can figure out this situation through microphones. They can set a microphone far away from the couple, which would create coolness. Also, adjusting room acoustics can foreshadow breakup, which create uncomfortable aural texture, such as wood and glass. I agree this point, if a movie without audio, it will boring. Because we can see everything on screen, we do not need to think about story. For example, in thriller film, a boy is hiding for a man. If shoot a man walk to find a boy, it will not scared. By contrast, if shoot a boy with a sound of footstep, which close to the boy, it will make audience tension, so sound can control people’s emotion and atmosphere of film, also, sound can replace some image. I will try to use different sound in my video, not just a music running.

Secondly, I was interested in Components of Sound Structure. There are many factor can create a good music and sound. The element of sound structure play an important role in making a sound and each part has different function such as pitch, which relates the highness or lowness of a sound. Timbre (or tone color) is the tonal quality of a sound. Tempo refers to the speed of sound, such as slow or fast. Rhythm relates to a sonic time. Duration is the length of sound. Attack can be soft or hard. Decay is sound how fades from loudness, and volume is sound in terms of softness or loudness. Those elements contain significant characteristic that influence a given sound, and they cannot separate to listen individually. Using all of element can create much different kind of sound and music. I think that there are many instrument include those function. For example, a piano can be required with the same elements, and we can make a sound rapid, loud and slow. Also, we can a piano can create a sound in different result, such as the same tone with different tempo and attack, which will make a different feeling. It is reason the sound of piano can be more interesting, which can attract the audience. If I have change to edit the sound, I will try to use those function to create music.


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