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#3 The initiative post

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

Recently, I doing my project about editing of Lenny that I have to choose the best video of each shot to combine a film. During the time, I got a problem after choosing the video, how can I cut each shot, which combine to one film. It means no overlap shot between each shot. Therefore, I have to do some research to help me.

I read some part of the book< Cinematography: Theory and Practice> written  by Brown Blain. There are six types of cuts to edit film. 1. THE CONTENT CUT, whenever we cut to a new shot only to add new information, which use in the coverage of a conversation. Nothing changes except the content. 2. THE ACTION CUT (a continuity cut or a movement cut), whenever action is started in one shot and finished in the next shot, for example, we can see the girl reaches setting on the sofa in the first shot, then cut to her hand picking up the newspaper.



3. THE POV CUT (point of view ) is a view from character’s sight, such as a boy breaks up with a girl, the boy look out the window of the building across the street that he can see the girl goes away.


4. Timage9HE MATCH CUT  used as a transitional device between scenes. It was used in 2001: a space odyssey, bone has similar shape with spacecraft. When the bone is travelled through the air, then there are match cut to a spacecraft.

5. THE CONCEPTUAL CUT  is depending on the content of the ideas of two different shots more than on the visual content. It can take same example from 2001: a space odyssey, the bone and spacecraft are all tools. The bone is the first tools for human, and the spacecraft is the first using of tools into space, so they can change to each other in same shot.


6. THE ZERO CUT is a type of match cut that rarely mentioned in discussion of shooting and editing, for instant, one part of the shot is one side, and the another part of the shot is on other side. There are footage shot in two or more side or location is edited to make it look like the whole scene was filmed in one place.

After done the research, I have idea to cut the film of Lenny. I will use THE MATCH CUT and THE ACTION CUT in the Lenny, because our group took more same shot in different angle, such as I will cut the Lenny look down and his arm move to a box in first sequence, then cut to close-up his hand picking up the box in next sequence.


Brown, B 2013, ‘Cinematography: Theory and Practice’, Fine Arts, vol. pp. 98-102.


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