Sound and Image

#2 The Expertise edits

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

This was the first time to use zoom function of camera in the class. We need to shoot three different zoom for each person in our group. We set up the tripod, camera and microphone, and started to record. Before shooting, I chose a place where was quiet, because after doing abstract video, I realized that noisy environment was not helpful when I want to use the source audio in my video. I test the microphone, which was working. I started to record a boy who stands in front of white board, and I used mid-shot, medium close-up and close-up. During the time, the light of video was bright, focus during whole video and the environment was quiet, I think that I shot a good quality of video, and it would use in my editing.

When I edited the video with my partner, I found a mistake. My two shots was in the same scene, also my partner had same problem with me. We tried to find another shot from other groups, but we cannot find any shot that we can use, so we just have two scenes in our video. Before import all shot in footage, we decided that we want to make fun to our audience. We chose three different zoom of each person and put into sequence. However, when I edit my shot, which was quite long each of them, so I had to cut some part that I did not need.

Next step, we need to choose the audio for our video. Audio is important in a video, because it can make your video more interesting, and I think that sound can control people’s emotion. I chose the music, which is cheerful rhythm. When I mix the music in the video, which is cover clap sound at the beginning of the video, but I need clap sound in our video, because it like say “action” to the music, so I mixed the music in the middle of second sequence. I felt satisfied when I mixed the audio, because pre-production made me easy to edit audio, our source audio of the video was quiet, and I did not need to edit them.

This expertise is helpful for me, because it makes me understand the zoom of camera, and I considered the background of audio before I shooting and it was very helpful when I mixed with music. I will shot in different scene in next time, because it will provide more chooses when I edit the video, and I hope that I can use those skills in the future.

This is my screenshot from a premiere project


This is my video of expertise exercise


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