Sound and Image

#1 The Abstract edit

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 23, 2016

When I shot abstract video, I realized that it is different from I shot the video before, because I used to shot a video, which is telling some stories, but abstract video does not have specific theme, which can get different feeling from different people.

Before shooting, I test the audio to make sure it was working. When I was shooting, I tried to use different kind of zoom in each shot, because I think that it can give more chooses when I edit video. After shooting, I played the video, and I satisfied my work, such as the light of the video was bright, the video ran clearly and the audio was working during whole process.

I edited the video by using Adobe Premiere Pro, after choosing the shot, I used effect to edit the video, which is easy, because I think that I shot good quality of video in pre-production, which is bright, clearly and focus, so I can choose anyone to edit. I changed different color in each sequence to show special effect. It was not taking much time for me to edit.

This is my screenshot from a premiere project


This is my video of abstract.

There was a problem in audio. Firstly, I chose the audio from the Internet and mixed the music in the video, when I played the video, I cannot hear the music clearly, because it is quite noisy in source sound, which was machine working during the whole video. However, I did not want to cut the source audio, because I think that the video with source music was feel natural, so I had to figure out this problem. I used the effect of audio, and I reduced the volume of source sound. When I played the video again, it is much better than before, and I can hear the music and source sound as well.

During this exercise, I learned that multiple edits are better than one edit, because multiple edit can show the different special effect. I will consider the environment of shooting place in next project, because audio is very important for a video, audiences do not want to see a video with noisy sound.


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