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Reflection of cyber bullying

Practice-led research Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on September 05, 2016


Our group project is about “cyber bullying”. We want to introduce cyber bullying, which is a common phenomenon. It happened in our daily life. We discuss long time in our chatting group on Facebook, we have our individually work.

We all know the type of cyber bullying. When we start to shot the video, we got a problem how old people are our audience, and how old people we want focus on? During the time, I have to find some research to help us to find how old people are interesting in Internet violent.

In the article, Luke reports that cyber bullying is happened in girl, which is 38 percent compared with boy, which is 26 percent. Especially the girl age from 15 to 17 is more likely. It is interesting that 20 percent of teens (age from 12 to 17) believes that people are ruthless on social media. I agree with him, because I heard same issue from my cousin. Last week I chat with my cousin who is middle school student. She said that she post her selfie on Weibo, her classmate talk about her mole on her cheek in comment. So she feels sad and has to delete the photo.

The article shows that 81 percent of teens are more interested to use online bullying, because they think that it is easy way to bully. For example, there are over 1.7 billion of people using Facebook, 7.5 million user is teens who are under 13 years old. It is a thrilling social phenomenon that 20 percent user of children thinks about suicide, and one tenth user of children attempts it. Also 4500 children commit suicide each year. As the article reports that lots of children cannot deal with social problem and social emotion, the reason is that human brain does not attain full cognizance until the age from 21 to24. I agree with the article, because teenager cannot control their emotion well, they are still in learning step. Lots of things are new to them, they do not understand what is good or bad approac.

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I learned that we need to do some research before doing our project. It is really helpful for us to achieve our goal. Also I realize that our project needs to focus on teenager, we will edit our video more interesting, and make sure that teen can understand. We suggest that do not use cyber bullying to hurt others.

Here is a link of our project.

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