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Reflection Writing

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on August 12, 2016

Reflection writing is a good way to help people to gain learning ability. When I read reflective writing before, I have wrong understanding of reflection. I used to explain what content is. It is not reflection, it is like conclusion.

After read the article, I aware that I need to think about “why and how” earlier than reflection. I need to give enough consideration to how I will do something different, and I need to explain why I did differently, why I think this approach will produce good results. All of these, I must use my personal reasons and feeling words. It means that I can not copy the writer and not formal format requirements. This is helpful suggestion for me, because  it can  improve myself. For example, when I read article or watching something, I can use my own opinion to judge some point that I could not agree. I could learn some ideas that I have not know before.

Moon’s article provides that presentation is an important to develop study and thinking skills. Through the presentation, audience can know their article clearly. It means that speaker can give more example and explaining, which when audience can not understand. Also, people can improve themselves from mistakes, such as less communication, too much visual work (for example, Power Point), shaking and black brain.

I excited that reflective writing is demonstration of my insight feeling. I do not need to always agree with others, I can present personal feeling from my experience. This article provides helpful suggestion for me, because not only it can establish my own view, but also can improve myself.

Reference list:

Moon, J, A, A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: theory and practice, (p. 184-189, 204-209, 222-225). New York: RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.






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