Sound and Image

Goals and Desires

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on August 12, 2016

When I study bachelor degree in China, my major is decoration design, I need to design products and making them by my hand. Also I just use some software of photography and less 3D max.

Interestingly, now I study master of media in Australia. It is totally different major with my bachelor degree, but I am really interesting in this program. I realize that I need work harder than others, because lots of them already have background.

In this semester, I have two goals. The first goal is that I have to learn more technology skills, such as how to shoot and how to edit film. During the time study “sound and image”, I learn that sound is really important factor in film.It can create different retain of people.

My second goal in this semester is improve my writing skills. Writing is significant part of media, because we need to describe our project and posting reflection. When I post my reflection and work, I need express from my own words clearly and logically. It will help me that reader can know about my thinking, and through writing I can improve my English as well, such as grammar and vocabulary. Also I really want to understand course and working with people who come from different countries.

I desire that I can do more practice about making film, because I enjoy the time that we share our idea to make one film, and I can learn some new ides that I did not know.


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