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crew roles

posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on August 12, 2016

After reading the article, I realize that crew roles are an important aspect in a film industry.

It excited that there are so many department working for one film, and these roles are different between each other. It is more professional,  because each department have their own tasks. Corporation can improve productive and reducing making mistakes. If one person hand to director and shooting, then they can not  present better results than people who have individual responsibility in one areas. Also, everyone need to do lots of works to make sure that film could running better. I think that it require people working in group and have responsibility of teamwork.

In the article, I surprised that art director role quite important and have many work. What is the audience reaction from the film, which depend on art director. Also, it is exited that a good art director who not only need art, social and historical background, but also they need have good communication skills and managerial abilities, because they need to talk to other designer or dresser  what they want to show. This is a role that I want to be in the further, because I am really interested in design. I want to receive the reaction from audience, and I hope that they can understand what I want to express and they are attracted by my design.

I also find that director of photograph plays a important role in crew member. They have responsibility looking the film, because they relate to camera and electrical.

These article gives me more information to understand the difference between crew roles and how they work in a film. I  think that I already gain lots of basic information about media.










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