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posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on August 12, 2016

Reflection of Taxi Driver

The first shoot focus on the main character’s facial express in the car, it present that he look for something. During the time, we can hear the sound of turn off the engine, street noisy. When driver get off his car, the camera is not follow him, we can see where would he going and whether is he hurry, or not.

When he are looking around  in office, the decoration and people walking around inside of office create the scene that the place are chaos and people working busy, while the camera focus on the female Betsy who talk with the male, it is different with others. Then the camera approaches to Betsy that movement is edited by shaking. It is very interested that look like real Travis go close to her.

When the camera stops in front of Travis talk with the second male, it shows that he is nervous and natural. During the conversation, the camera focus on the Travis and Betsy’s face and the editing switch between them. During this speech, the camera zoom use mid-shot, close up, medium close up and switch over. Audience obviously can know their feel from facial express. For example, during the talking, Travis explains to Betsy that she is lonely of her life, the camera zoom use mid-shot, it shows their behaviour and make sure he is right. Then the camera zoom shoot to mid-short, the second male stare at them briefly, audience can feel about that it is not simple relationship between Travis and Betsy. It means that the second male also like Betsy. Then when they make deal, the second male walk to Betsy fast. The audio of inside office is real and noisy, which include telephone ringing, people’s voice and paper’ voice. It offers that people are busyness and they can not notice them, so they can keep talking. Finally, Travis walk out of office and the camera follow him, it means that he wait for her.

The editing of this film make sure cutting and audio are correct which deliver right sense to audience. Also, actor is really important in a film, because they can deliver story of film. they must follow the rule, and they must express accurate.

Reference list

Scorsese, M 1976, Taxi Driver, New York, <;.



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