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Reflection of Social Media

Practice-led research

Posted by XIONG XIAOHUI on August 05, 2016

Our group project is about introducing Melbourne noir, during the time l have a problem that which social media is useful to use, because we just use Weibo in China, I do not know any foreign social media. So I have done some research to compare Weibo and Twitter in order to choose the best one to use.

It is really different between Twitter and Weibo when I read the article by Cathy Yue who offers her working experience. She reports that Twitter is available worldwide, whereas Weibo still doesn’t have a full English interface, which is limited to other countries where do not speak Chinese. Yue also mentions that censorship levels on the both of Twitter and Weibo present differences. The rule of Twitter is that except of unlawful use, they do not monitor users and censor user content, while Weibo have more stringent than Twitter management system. It is interesting that the age of user is different. It means that the user of Twitter is more mature than Weibo’s user.

Also I have read the article from a student who gives the personal experience about using Weibo and Twitter. He expresses that Weibo presents lots of advertisement which include constellation, sales. Beside user record more about official content without personal feeling on Twitter. In addition, on Weibo people must create positive contents. If someone posted inappropriate content, Weibo staff will delete. On Twitter, one the other hand, user has right to speech. I agree with him, because I have experience of using Weibo, when I want to post something that possibly will be deleted by Weibo staff, so I need to think about my content carefully.

The article “ Twitter vs Weibo: 8 Things Twitter Can Learn From The Latter” by Falcon who is more satisfied with Weibo than Twitter, and he provides some reasons as well. I cannot totally agree with him, even though Weibo have many attractive features, but it is inclined to our daily life.

After doing the research, I learned that Twitter is really useful, and I will use Twitter as my major social media tools. Not only I possibly can get professional comments, but also it is easy to use, because I do not need to avoid some “ rules”.


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