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My bachelor is decoration, this all the work that I have done in my bachelor.    

New direction in narrative


How time flies, I still remember everything at the beginning of this course, but it almost finish. I have learned much things from the course "New Directions in Narrative". I did not know any information about interactive video before this course, and I found that this course is useful for me. Those posts recorded what… Continue reading ASSESSMENT TASK 2: SELECTED POSTS

New direction in narrative

#7. Analyze EPOC

I have no idea about what EPOC it is before I read the course’s blog. I tried to find more online resource to get more understandings. EPOC which is Electronic Proof of Concept. It means that using a way to support your project. I want to produce a shot video, which like trailer to introduce… Continue reading #7. Analyze EPOC

New direction in narrative

#6. Analyze Audience

I create this story because I really interested in science movie. My story in an interactive video, I want to make this narrative unique through provides some different view. As there are lots of science story sighting events even movies talk about someone who find some secret things, and during the time they must solve… Continue reading #6. Analyze Audience

New direction in narrative

#5. Interactive video outline of “Dragon” and peer feedback

After presentation, I reflect and receive on the feedback from my group members. They do not really understand my story, because I did not express enough during three minutes. Also, filming and editing need time, who would like to help me to complete this project. What is the scene of every branch? I did not… Continue reading #5. Interactive video outline of “Dragon” and peer feedback

New direction in narrative


Wing: 30-second Time Machine “30-second Time Machine” talk about that make choice in elevator during this 30 seconds. A man who is a special sale meet a girl in the elevator, the man tries to use his invention to go back 30 seconds of their life. The elevator crash in less than one minute. During… Continue reading ASSESSMENT TASK 1: PITCH PEER FEEDBACK

New direction in narrative

#4. Analyse Tool

I could choose YouTube to show my project. YouTube annotation allow video link to other clips, for example, my project is interactive video, and audience need to make choose. Also, there are eight clips in my story, so YouTube is best platform to use for my project. Twine is useful website to write your story,… Continue reading #4. Analyse Tool

New direction in narrative

#3. Analyse Linear and Nonlinear Structures

In the context of digital narrative, there has a lot of module. Today I am looking at the structure linear and nonlinear, because I need to define the module of my story. I will start with introduction. Linear: Each module is linked to the next module, and there is only choice, which is forwards and… Continue reading #3. Analyse Linear and Nonlinear Structures

New direction in narrative

#2. Interactive Video

Through the last week study of digital narrative and the showing of video in the classroom, and I am sure that I want to study the specific area of digital narrative, which is an interactive documentary. I-Docs provides a place where people can interact with the video. This is an interactive video “Horror Interactive Video”,… Continue reading #2. Interactive Video

New direction in narrative

#1. Reflection of digital narrative

When I read the name of this course “new directions in narrative”, I felt that it is kinds of storytelling, and also i do not have any idea about this. It is useful that I read the lecture blog before class, because it gives the definition about course. So what is a “digital narrative”? It… Continue reading #1. Reflection of digital narrative